Prairie Fossil


Prairie fossil Museum

Where everyone can hold a piece of Dinosaur! History!

A Family Museum

Hours are by Appointment Only

Free Admission – Up to TEN People per Appointment

Developed for
Families, Home School and Co-Op Educators, Clubs, Hobbyists
and any dinosaur Enthusiasts!


Prairie Fossil

…is a small private collection designed for viewing by small groups and families of 8-10 people, perfect for Parents, Home Schools and CO-OPs!

Displays represent several epochs including Carboniferous, Jurassic, Cretaceous, Oligocene and Miocene.

Designed for
Small Groups

Each child will receive a small piece of real dinosaur bone as a souvenir!

An immersive display of paleontology made for close-up examination and personal presentation by Dick Wills, Dinosaur Hunter!

Visit us!

Viewing can be arranged daily by appointment from 11AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday.

Other times or Saturday viewings can also be arranged as requested.

Call us!

If your group has an interest, please give us a call at (865) 966-2532 to set up a time to visit.

Many fossils on display
with Cast Specimens…

Is it a rock or is it a bone?

Come find out!

Click on the images to see more!

10350 Yellow Pine Lane, Knoxville, TN
Located in the VentureTECH building just off of the Pellissippi Parkway (Route 162), Dutchtown Road, to Cogdill Road.
The types of fossils to be added in the future can be viewed at my educational website

Finding A Dinosaur presents over 20 chapters of “how-to” information for the amateur fossil hunter along with 500 photos of the bones recovered!

We find fossils out here!

Journey with us!